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Email Forward for Addresses Where You Do Not Want an Account
Frederik Banke
Frederik Banke
August 05, 2018
1 min

If you like me have too many domains for different projects, email accounts get a problem. With any domain comes the responsibility to allow people to get in contact with you. Often I use a webmaster@domain or info@domain email address to enable visitors to contact me.

But At $4 / month for an Amazon Work mail account and $5 / month for a Google suite user maintaining many email accounts gets pricey. Also, it is a hassle to monitor all the accounts.

Often you simply want to have emails forwarded to a single email account, where it is possible to set up filters, and allows you to check mail in a centralized place. For example, have info@datadriven-investment.com be forwarded to frederik@patch.dk which is my primary email account. With minimum set up.

I need a service that allows me to quickly and cheap set up email forwarding to my email account hosted at Google.

Enter forwardemail.net! It is a free and simple system that provides email forwarding service for any custom domain. It requires a bit of knowledge about DNS, but if you have that, forwarding can be set up in 10minutes.

The service works by adding forwardemail.net’s MX servers and adding a TXT record signaling where emails should be sent.

Shout out to Niftylettice for creating such a seamless service.

Frederik Banke

Frederik Banke

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